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Frequently Asked Questions

I am having difficulty obtaining a certified copy of an Illinois child support order. The State of Illinois Child Support Agency tells me that they have no record of this order, but I have proof that an Illinois order exists.
Only IVD cases are kept on the Illinois KIDS system. It is possible that a case has never been a IVD case or was a former IVD case. Chances are that the order you are requesting is NIVD, therefore you will need to contact the Clerk of Court in the county where the order was entered.

Illinois tells me that they need a VAP signed. What is a VAP?
It is a Voluntary Acknowledgment of Paternity. Wisconsin’s voluntary acknowledgment is known as PATH, Paternity Acknowledgement through Hospitals.

Illinois shows that their court order has both a delinquency and an arrearage. What is the difference?
In Illinois, the court determines the arrearage. A delinquency is calculated automatically for unpaid child support accruing over a certain period of time.

Will Illinois Unemployment Compensation Bureau (UCB) accept an income withholding notice from Wisconsin?
Yes, but the notice to withhold must be sent by Illinois Interstate Central Registry after they administratively register the initiating State’s order.

UCB information is accessed by Wisconsin child support caseworkers through “DILHR”. How does Illinois access this information?
Through their AWVS system. Recipients of Illinois unemployment compensation receive an additional amount for minor children. Recipients of Wisconsin unemployment compensation do not.

Who prosecutes IVD cases in Illinois?
Illinois State’s Attorneys or the Illinois Attorney General’s Attorneys

What forms do the IVD prosecuting attorneys in Cook and Lake Counties require when we send them interstate cases?
Please visit the forms section on this website.

Does Illinois have a Children First Program?
They have a similar program administered by the Illinois Department of Employment Security called the Non-Custodial Parent Employment Services Unit.

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