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Where There is a WI-IL....There is a Way

If you pay or receive child support and your case involves both of our states, this is the site for you. If you are a caseworker trying to assist a parent with obtaining child support services in another state, you too will also find important information on our website.

There are many roadblocks involved when child support cases involve two or more states. Each state has different laws, procedures and requirements that sometimes are difficult for all to understand. If we understand how each state operates, child support caseworkers are better equipped to assist their participants more effectively and efficiently.

In this age of mobility, parents who pay or receive support often move to their bordering states for all sorts of reasons. Once in the other state, they might apply to their local child support agencies for case assistance. An interstate (UIFSA) case to the state they left is then commenced. At this point, frustration sets in for all parties involved!

We need answers to all types of questions such as: “What is it the other state is asking of me? I don’t understand it.” “Why am I getting billing from two states?” “Who really is my child support worker?” “Who do I contact and what is their phone number?”

A determined group of Wisconsin and Illinois child support professionals came together for the purpose of improving interstate case work. Our goal was to help children and families. Many of the problems that seemed so insurmountable a few short years ago have been resolved with a continuation of improvements. Collaboration between bordering child support agencies can be accomplished and has been accomplished in Wisconsin and Illinois.

To learn more about our successful Wisconsin and Illinois Border Project you may e-mail Dustin Feeney, of the Kenosha, Wisconsin Child Support Agency at

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